Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Over 30 years of helping others

Once upon a time there was a little girl who lived way, way out in the bluegrass fields of Kentucky.  This little girl ran wild in the fields all day with her long hair gathering burrs and bits and pieces of grass and wild flowers. Her running companion was a blue tick hound dog who's name has long since faded into history, but who's love and companionship still leaves a warm spot in a human heart.

This little girl had a way of communicating with all the animals around her, the dog, the cats, the cows, the horses.... all but the bees, who she was allergic to.  She taught herself to read before kindergarten and read the Bible and all the cereal boxes.  She also found she had a healing gift.

As she grew this little girl was subject to harsh realities of abuse, moving into the city and having the beautiful countryside and animals snatched away.  And then there was the time her life was saved by a stranger in a white car.

Once in town, she read through all the books in the children's section of the library. Her hair grew so long it gave her headaches, and when she got the chance, she had it cut off! (that is another story).

Her ability to feel what was floating through the air around her never left, it grew and developed over the years.  Her dreams became more colorful and vivid also.

By the time she was 8, her own mother was asking her advice.   Oddly enough, that brought bad repurcussions that verberated through the years, until one day the girl had to flee her home state with a man she barely knew in an effort to save herself and her children.   Little did she know the man himself was a trap, and the girl ended up losing all she held dear, even most of herself.

Years went by and the girl was walled up inside, slowly she began to struggle and she got free. It took more years to find herself, and to gather her children she had lost again.

Now she uses the gifts God gave her to help others, and she prays they avoid the pain she felt during her life.

I am that girl.  I do my best to honestly help you have the best life you can have.

I hope to be a beacon of light to those who seek healing and spiritual growth.

My healing gifts have been used to heal burns, migraine headaches, and infertility issues.  The 4th degree burns were healed after speaking on the phone with the person. A paralyzed man raised up out of his wheelchair and started walking again.

I have a gift to shift negative energy into positive, to bring light to situations.  I have healing in my hands and my voice.

Ask me about what you concerned over, and I will see what is coming and give you information on THAT THING.
I am not going to tell you a bunch of gobble-de-gook that has nothing to do with what you are calling about.

I am voice oriented.  I need to hear a few sentences about what you are concerned over.  My timing can be scary good, or really bad, but usually what I see happens if you continue being yourself.

I have also helped writers with storylines.  I have experience editing and proof reading novels.

I have had a love radio show, and I have traveled across the country doing dream interpretation, healings and giving prophetic words to thousands of people.   I don't travel now because of health issues.