Thursday, January 21, 2016

About twin flames, soul mates and THE ONE

I hear so much about twin flames, and people wanting to find their soul mate.  I totally understand.  The idea of a person who understands you and loves you for who you are... loves you no matter what goes on or no matter what you do.  Who brings you tokens of affection for no reason whatever.  Who always takes your side.  Who never questions any decision you make.  Who always wants what you want.  Sounds divine.

There are many soul mates who come and go in our lives.  There is not only one soul mate per person.  Soul mates are mates (matches) to our souls.  Not our hearts.  Our souls are that thing within us that leads us into situations that we are to learn from so we are edified, and grow spiritually.

Soul mates are not always a best friend or lover. Sometimes they are actually people who we would consider an enemy, competitor or family member! Soul mates come to teach us about ourselves, to mirror our inner being so we see what areas we need to do innerwork on.
Jealousy, gossip, meaness, envy are just a few of the things we all need to keep a handle on within ourselves.  Also people who are so sure they are right and won't listen to anything anyone says. We need to be sure we are not like that in any area.  Being judgemental, bossy, feeling we are better than others, all those things that drive us nuts about the soul mates around us just might be because we need to cut them out of ourself.

When we do the needed cleansing of ourself, then those soul mates will leave our circle, and new ones will come in.  These new ones will match the vibrational level we have moved to by doing our inner work.  Hang on during the transitional phase! It can be lonely and frustrating.

In a love relationship, the other might be emotionally distant.  In that case, we need to look at ourself - are we being too demanding or clinging?  If the other is being demanding and manipulative, then either we are too unapproachable emotionally OR we have brought that energy in so we can learn to set boundaries and hold to them.

I have met very few who claim they are with their 'twin flame'.  I am sure it is true for them.  I believe that anyone can be our twin flame.  All it takes is both parties being willing to let the other grow and learn while being supportive, understanding and loving.

We are all here on this earth plane at this time to learn from each other and to teach each other.  Some people choose to walk in that truth, others don't.  That is why we have such violence and greed in the world.  If everyone could understand that God made this world to support all of us, He knew exactly how many of us would be on this planet at this time.

I pray that we all treat each other with love, and begin to pray that God send us what He knows we need.

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