Sunday, January 24, 2016

Discover your Life Purpose and receive help in fulfilling it

I have been having a lot of people wondering what their reason for being here on earth at this time is.

There are more than one reasons for all of us, we all have many gifts we bring to earth.  Being a parent, a teacher, a nurturer.

If you are feeling led to start something new, or having some doubts, maybe second guessing your career, this is the information you need!

Your Life purpose consultation works the same as my other appointments.
Click on the paypal button, paypal will send me an email, I will email you and we can set up a time for us to 'meet'.
I strive to be available to you within hours, if I am really busy, booked up or have unexpected company it can take a bit longer, but never more than 3 days.

The life purpose consultation lasts 20 minutes.
If you wish to pursue more information regarding how to fulfill it, etc, then please make an appointment with one of the paypal buttons along the sides of the blog.

Life Purpose Consultation $50

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