Saturday, February 20, 2016

Angel message for 2/20- 2/27

There is an energy coming through this week that will make some of us feel floaty, spacey, weak, confused, forgetful.

Also, we may feel overwhelmed by the things we need to do.

Think of needing to do a particular chore, then you see you have to do something else first, and when you go to do that you see there is something else you have to do first before you can do ANY of the above things.   It's just enough to make you feel like crying and going to go sit in the corner!

Well, don't give up honey.   Get grounded!
Play with a pet or a child.  Dance! Do a jigsaw puzzle or a crossword.

Do anything that makes you use your body and your brain together.
We get ungrounded for a few reasons.  One reason can be feeling disconnected or unwanted or unloved by people around us.  Another can be wanting to be spiritual and getting so woo-woo that we are no good to anyone here on earth.
Love you !!

Be kind to yourself, recognize that a LOT of times those feelings we are feeling are being put upon us, they are not ours.

If you are empathic, really be careful this week, as other people's emotions as they are affected by these energy can overwhelm you and cause unneeded stress in your body.

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