Tuesday, March 8, 2016


A lot going on right now!

There has been an awful sickness going around up here in NE Pennsylvania.  Dr says it takes around 6 weeks to play out.   I am so close I can see the finish line! YIPPEE!

Energy wise....   This next 10-15 days will be a little rough for some of you.  Mainly from having to deal with others.
Remember to keep yourself grounded, eating root vegetables and putting something dark red where you can see it will help.   Also, remember that other people may not be as spiritually adept as you are, so they will not have as good a hold on the energies.

Expect people to be short tempered and not able to concentrate.  Expect to have to tell them the same thing a BUNCH before they 'get' it.

Underneath it all, changes.... big good changes are going on behind that big curtain.
So hang in there.
The things you have been praying to manifest are on their way.  It will probably look messy before they get here.

Just think what meatloaf looks like before you bake it.  Think what scrambled eggs look like before you pour them into the skillet.
Yucko!  Right?
Think of when you are sick, all the toxins have to come out before you can get better, and that is not a pretty sight.

Same thing with manifesting.  Things can look wonkers.  But remember what the Word says-
'For we walk by faith, not by sight' 2 Cor. 5:7

Have faith, put your trust in, the end result you prayed for.  Do not believe that what you are seeing is where it is going to stay or where you will end up.

Remember, your angels are on your side, working for you, and God has GOOD plans for you -
He does not want you to be in pain, to have a sucky life, or feel all alone.
Get rid of the dogma and doctrins you have been spoon fed by the church world, and wake up to the REAL God, who totally rocks!