Wednesday, May 11, 2016

April 30 Erie Mufon event AND advice for the next week or so

Erie PA MUFON Conference

This was the first MUFON event of any kind that I have ever attended. I really didn't know what to expect. It was gobs of fun. We had a panel that contained two people who had been eye witness to a Big Foot and UFO encounter here in Erie back in 1966. Their car had actually been dented from the Big Foot attacking it! There were quite a few speakers, one of the most interesting was Nick Redfern who has also written a bunch of books and I was lucky enough to get mine signed! Here are some you tube videos Nick has done
Nick Redfern

Also, Rev. Robin Swope was there, he is just the nicest person! He had a few of his books there and I got 'Eerie Erie'

It is a very well written book, he actually tells you the local areas where giant bones were found, and where the Native American Indian grave sites are here in Erie County. The city of Erie mainly sits on Indian graveyards, and many of the bodies were not removed and treated with respect at all – lots were just thrown into ditches!

Stan Gordon was there, he spoke about Kecksburg
Stan Gordon

Here you can see Fred Seluga speaking about ufos in Pennsylvania
Fred Seluga

And John Ventre spoke about his haunted life. You can see him here-
John Ventre

My daughter and I went together. It was held at the Erie Bayfront Center. It sits right on an inlet off Lake Erie, you can see here-



We were over in the building on the right. For lunch we had to go up and over the sky walk, you can see it in the picture. Holy moly! Can you picture me going that far up over water? With my fear of heights and water? I did it!!!! I just did not look down. We ate at the Sheraton Bayfront Grill. It was really nice, a good view of the lake. They have it where a boat could pull in, tie off and they could come in and eat! I thought that was really cool.

If you ever get a chance to go to a Mufon event (or any event) where John Ventre, Rev. Robin Swope, Fred Seluga, Stan Gordon or Nick Redfern are speaking, go!!! You will not regret it.


Until the 20th of the month, be kind to yourself. Let things unfold naturally, do not try to make anything happen. Now is the time to be watchful of the details, try hard not to over look anything, slow down. Make sure you are breathing properly.
Also, there are a few of you that are being mistreated by people in authority over you. Time to pray one of you is moved outta there!
Please speak to your children about school and the people in authority over them. There are some children being abused and they are not even aware of it, but it is affecting their psyche.
You adults also! Remember not everything somebody says has anything at all to do with you and who you really are. Sometimes they are projecting.
So watch your temper, speak wisely, slow down and give others who are quick to say mean snide things a wide berth for the next week or so.

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