Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 21 getting on an even keel

For the next week. you may feel like you are 'coming down' off some kind of wild ride at the carnival!
Things are starting to balance out now, in every area of life, if you have been doing the work.
Looking objectively at how you handle each area in your life, and making adjustments so as to walk in the highest good for yourself AND others has been the call over the last few months.
Now this week is the week to do the fine tuning, and get walking!  We will have about 4-5 months to walk in these new 'ideas' and energies we have birthed.
If you have not birthed your new way of being yet, hang on and keep pushing at it.  Some people's switch will happen closer to their birthday, so it doesn't mean you are not doing it 'right' it just means you are having to ride your personal energy cycle until the new thing and the energy cycle line up.

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