Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Full Moon goings on...

It is not too late to take advantage of the energy the Full moon carries.
 A great time to pray for releasing those things you do not want in your life, and asking to receive the things you do want.
Focus your intention on what you want to come into your life for the next few days. If thoughts of the past, or a bad situation you have not been able to change start to creep in, immediately stop and picture it the way you have prayed for it to be!
Take every thought captive.
 Right now is a powerful time that is going to build what you will see in your life over the rest of this year.
Look at it as a time for 'Show and Tell' to God- Show Him what you are made of- that you do not give up! Tell Him what you want, He says to tell Him your heart's desire, so do so.

 From now until the end of the month, people are going to be going up, down and sideways.
 Communication is of the utmost importance right now, on both sides of the fence.
Make sure the other knows what you MEAN.  Your words might show the meaning easily to YOU, but this next two weeks others may not understand your meaning. The prevalent  energy now is to release what does not 'work' and some people are built to jump the gun so they will be being very touchy.
I am happy to help you walk through the land mines of life!
Give me a call!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

It's June!

For the first half of June, just try to get in sync with the energy.  The earth itself has shifted some, and it is not over yet.

Those of you who are looking for new jobs - the more you can pray and ask to be in the right place at the right time, ask God to open doors for you and help you see them when they open. Look outside your normal box.  Some of you will suddenly have a desire to get more training, some of you will actually totally change the field you are working in.  Now is the time to pursue what you really want to do for the rest of your life.

If you are starting a new relationship at this time, make sure you are certain of what you want in that relationship, do not go by  what you think you see inside that person, go by how they are acting and how they are treating you NOW.  Ask important questions.  Find out how they would fit into your life.  Do NOT bend over backwards to accomodate them to the point you are giving up things (ideas, hopes, dreams) that are important to you.  The key for the coming energy we are entering is honesty.

If you are in a relationship and having trouble with the other not giving you what you have asked for, then it is time to step back-  how long have you been asking is the answer to what to do- whether to cut your loses and leave or give them a bit more time.   If you have told them you would leave if they didn't change, and they changed for a little while then reverted back to the way they were before, it's time to go.

The energy of the next few months is NEW! And MOVE!  It's time for dreams and wishes to come true, so that means it is time to put more bursts of energy in to whatever you are desiring.

Health - try to get back to the most organic, primitive lifestyle you can.  Get the wifi and electronic stuff out of the bedroom.  Don't go to sleep with the tv on.  Don't use the microwave.
Don't believe me?  Try it for 3 months and see how you feel, and see how your sleep is.

CREATIVITY - If you have been wanting to write a book, now is the time. If you are 'stuck' I can help.  Determine to spend half hour to one hour a day on the book. Use the first week for the outline. You do not have to write the book linear, you can write the last chapter first.
If you are an artist, now is the time to tap into the flow.

Finally, make an appointment and we can look at how all this is going to be effecting you personally.