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arthurian tarot deck review

Arthurian tarot
The box the book and cards come in is a nice sturdy box, not hard to open. When you lift the lid you see the book, when you lift it up the deck is divided in half, each half in a little recess. A nice added touch- half moon cut outs on each side of the recesses to make it easy to get your fingers in there and get your cards out! I love that. There is not much more I hate than to almost tear your cards or to have to tear the box up to get the cards out! No worries of that here.
As you can see in the picture, the book is a nice size. It is almost 6 inches across, and 7.5 inches tall. There are 240 pages, which tells you right off you are in for a fun time! I love a good book, and when it is all about Arthurian times and tarot what more can you ask???

Below you can see a picture of the Moon pages and also The Stone three and four pages. The pages are a cream color, which actually makes them a bit soothing to the eye, and they make me feel otherworldly as they are so different from a regular book's pages. Each page has a beautiful silvery/green border at the top and bottom, and the divinatory meanings are within a silvery box. The divinatory meanings also have a few questions to help you expand your personal interaction and meaning for the card.
For example with the Moon Card you are asked;
What are your dreams telling you?
What grows in the darkness?
What messages do your instincts bring?

On page 85 we have Working with the cards, which has one of the best descriptions of the difference between divination and fortune-telling I have seen.
There is advice on formulating the question, which is SO important! There is information on how to interpret the cards, AND........ TIMING! Yes, you read it right!
Timing is something everybody wants to know, and there is a method given here that can help. There are 5 unique spreads given.
On page 93 we come to the Hallowquest Course!!
From the book-
The Hallowquest Course explores the realms within that are depicted on the Arthurian Tarot cards. It is a template of our own quest and of the soul's journey. As you meditate your way through successive seasons of study, the path of the Lands Adventurous (as the trail of the quest was known in Arthurian legend) subtly becomes your own landscape. As you continue, you will find divining with the cards much easier, because you have personally discovered information from each card.”
There are breathing instructions, meditations, journeys to do with the cards.
This is a treasure trove! I don't want to give too much away, but trust me, if you take the course you will gain much inner wisdom and great knowledge.

Now for the cards themselves. They are on sturdy cardstock, they are not flimsy. They feel good in your hands, they are the perfect size for shuffling and holding, 4.5 inches tall. Each card is sit within a frame so it seems as if you are peeking into another world through a window. The colors on the cards are so pretty. My pictures can not do them justice. They glow with warmth. Really! The #14 Cauldron feels warm and inviting due to the beautiful golden glow in it.

You have the 21 Major Arcana cards, the Sword Hallow, the Spear Hallow, the Grail Hallow and the Stone Hallow. Each Hallow has cards from Ace to 10, then Maiden, Knight, Queen and King. Instead of a Devil card, there is the Green Knight.
Card #11 is Sovereignty, Justice. The very first card is #0 The Seeker, and card #1 is Merlin, the Magician. So you see these are different from a regular Ryder-Waite based deck.
I am 58, and my hands are not as agile as they used to be, but this deck is super easy to handle. Some decks the cards stick to each other and it's hard to get them to spread out on the table so you can pick one. This deck is not like that, the cards are fluid and smooth. Honestly they just feel good when you hold them.

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