Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ladies of the Lake book review

Ladies of the Lake
authors – Caitlin and John Matthews

First off there is a GREAT index! I love indexes, they are the first thing I look for after the contents page. There is also a nice bibliography. This one is 8 pages long! (I see my library expanding soon!)

This is not a new book, it was published in 1992 as far as I can find out. It is only available used. I found it a bit hard to find, hopefully more copies will be discovered. While it seems a bit out dated at first read because a lot of things have changed in the world, this book is still very relevant for women of today. If you picture our world as an iceberg, the top (tip) would be the fraction of the world where women are powerful and visibly making a difference while what is not seen is the movement of women steering the world in a new direction where people are enabled to do what they do best. Where women are not relegated to standing in the kitchen (unless they want to).

The forward is written by none other than Marion Zimmer Bradley – if you love all things Arthur you surely know her! There a a few sections before the proper book: Approaches to this book, The initiation of the Lake, and the Ninefold Sisterhood. Please do be sure to read them all before doing any of the visualizations. I love the Matthew's style, I always feel as if I am tiptoeing down a dark hallway eavesdropping on fairies who are whispering secrets.

Another thing I love about the Matthews is their definition of myth as a 'sacred story on many levels', as that is the definition I myself have come to after all the studying I have done. Myths are built around truths.

The book introduces you to 9 of the Ladies who held the title 'Lady of the Lake'. Each of these Ladies is also connected to one of the Arthurian Tarot cards that are useful for the meditation at the end of each chapter. It is suggested that you record the visualizations, lean back, shut your eyes and go wherever your spirit takes you. I highly recommend that, as it has been proven scientifically that you will obey your own voice better than any other. LOL I can for sure testify to that as I don't like to be told what to do!

I learned a lot just reading these 3 chapters before I even met the first Lady and took the first 'journey' within, Did you know the Irish have a 'Tir na mBan'? It means Land of Women! Cool, huh!
Every one of the 9 Ladies are magical, and people are changed after having contact with them. This book is all about helping you find your inner magic and making the changes in your life that need to be. The book is very empowering, and has one foot in the inner world and one foot in the outer, which enables anyone who does the work to be balanced.

To be able to know our inner voice, to be able to trust our inner guidance, to be full of wisdom spreading light where ever we go, to support and hold up other women while working to created a balance between the sexes. Doesn't that sound wonderful? A direct quote from the book “We have chosen to study the women on their own ground, in their own terms rather than as accessories of men.”

The chapters introducing the Ladies are packed to the brim with information that pulls all the Arthurian stories together to flesh out the tales of the Ladies. I was amazed by the research that had to go into this book!

All in all, this book is one you really need in your library if you are a King Arthur kinda gal! Or guy!

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