Saturday, October 15, 2016

Tarot Apokalypsis review

Tarot Apokalypsis Kit
Texts by Kim Huggens
Artwork by Erik C. Dunne
based on Tarot Apokalypsis by Eric D. Dunne

The first thing that surprised me was the book that came in the kit! 457 pages of yumminess!
Beautiful, gorgeous artwork throughout the book, each card is represented in full color with at least 3 pages before you even get to the revelation (divinatory meaning). For example, the King of Swords has 6 pages of information, one full page replica of the card, and half a page devoted to the revelation.

Each card is just brimming over with symbols that speak to the psyche and draw forth numerous levels of information. Yes, you can use it for divining the future. It can also be used to go swimming in the depths of the whys of behavior, the root of the problem and the energies at play. There are 6 pages after the Introduction that have really good advice on how to read Tarot. There are 5 spreads – unique spreads- shared. They are all interesting looking, I plan to use the Hekate Triformis Spread to help me with a choice I need to be making.

Now, on to the cards! They are drop dead gorgeous. There are no borders, so when you lay them out they really flow into each other making the story they are telling very obvious. What is so cool is the symbols you need to see end up being highlighted when you look at the cards, I don't know if it is them or me, but it is awesome! I am sharing three cards that I randomly pulled from the deck, and they go perfectly together! It is very clear that a man and woman are having communication problems, and a tower of problems is building between them. OR they are working to tear the tower down, the rest of the read would reveal which. The point is how well the cards fit together and pretty much read themselves.

They are a big large for my hands, so I can only shuffle them by laying them on the table and messing them around, or moving the front ones to the back until I feel it's right, or spreading them out on the table and picking some. That is ok, they are worth it. For those of you who like to trim your cards, these will not allow it. Unless you want to lose some of the beautful art work. These cards are like miniature pieces of art. They use the Princess and Prince instead of the page and knight.

All in all, I love this deck they are fast becoming my 'go to' deck.

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