Friday, October 14, 2016

The Power Deck Cards of Wisdom review

The Power Deck Cards of Wisdom
Lynn V. Andrews

The images on the 45 cards are beautiful. They are full of symbolism, ethereal colors, and small details that draw you in and speak to the soul. What I do not like about the cards is how thin they are – they are not easy to spread out to draw from, they stick together.

The two pictures I have shared here are of the stand up alter with a card and the book that comes with the cards, and individual cards: (trees) #13 Feminine, (hands) #8 Nurturing,
(Stonehenge) #36 Magic.
Part of the message on the back of the #36 Stonehenge is Magic. If you do not believe in Magic, your life will not be magical. Magic, like the power of Stonehenge is part of the unknowable – that which you cannot describe, but which exists and makes your life extraordinary/ It is part of the goodness of your spirit. It is that mysterious and intriguing part of your spiritual life. Magic is what we are all looking for, but if you try to hold it and name it and describe it, you will lose it.
The books chapters :
How to use the Power Deck
An exercise in working with fear
the power deck journal
A prayer for daily empowerment
The power deck
The self card
the south cards
the west cards
the north cards
the east cards

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