Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The Death Card ..... November Tarot Rebel Blog Hop!!

Here we have the Death card from the Cathar Tarot Deck by John Matthews and Wil Kinghan.  This deck will be released in Dec. 2016.

Death - let go of all the things that hold you back.
Death to the Cathars was not something to be feared, but rather embraced as a means of leaving  behind the fearful state of life in the false world created by the Demiurge.  Seeing thstemselves as trapped in matter, they sought to depart this life in the best state of preparedness possible.

Upright (light) - transformation, change, transition, renewal, rebirth, mortality, disillusionment, end, finish.

Reversed- (dark) - stagnation, immobility, inertia, discouragement, failure of plans to manifest, inconclusive or unsatisfactory end.

Don't you love that skull?  He is a happy looking fella with a touch of BOO!  I really like the main definition that John Matthews gives for Death- Let go of all things that hold you back.

In the reading I do, that can be anything from an attitude to all that junk up in the attic.  Well, the attic could be your house or your head!!  Death can be the ending of all kinds of things, but it is not to be feared.   It is actually the beginning of transformation into a new beginning!

The Death card is fitting for this time of year.  It can stand for winter as a timing card in a reading also.


  1. I love that smile on the skull - it has a wise, knowing feel to it, like it has been here before and it will be here again. Cool that it aligns with this time of year as a timing card as well, when so many cultures are honouring thier deceased.

  2. Thanks for sharing a sneak peek at this card from an upcoming deck. It sounds like there's a lot of intriguing information in the guidebook.