Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Maori Tattoo Tarot Review

Roxana Paul has made a bang-up deck!    BONUS- "This deck's copyright owner, the Rising Sun Publishing House, and Roxana Paul, the creator of the deck, give a truly purchaser of the deck a
licence to use the deck's art patterns for a personal tattoo"   How cool is that?

The Maori, a nation of Pacific warriors developed highly ritualised arts, including a face and body tattooing system full of sacred symbolism and unique art patters - page 3 of LWB.

You can visity the site below and download a free LWB (little white book) for the deck.  There is also an illustrated companion for the deck, which I highly recommend!  It has a list of some of the symbols used in the deck. For example:
Whale tail: symbolizes protection, speed, and strength and a symbol of the connection between people and animals.

Below you see a picture of the Moon card, and the Aces of all 4 suits in the deck.
There are (from left to right), the Ace of Wands, the Ace of Gourds (cups), the Ace of Swords and the Ace of Disks. There are the standard Ace - 10 of each suit, also four Cards of Court, including the Apprentice (Page), Warrior (Knight), Chieftainess (Queen) and Chief (King).

The Moon card is one of my favorites in most decks, and I love the one here.  I just love
seahorses anyway.  Here we have two seahorses on either side of a lobster.  A small quote from
the illustrated guide "The ancient Maori developed the lunar calendar, according to which the New Year begins with the first new moon at the beginning of June. It was a period when the star cluster of Pleiades (Matariki) appeared on the horizon. The Mairi understood how phases of the moon affected the rhythms of land and water to keep balance with Mather Nature."

The cards are a really pretty orange color, and about the same size as a normal tarot deck - 4 and 3/4 inches tall and 2 and 3/4 inches wide.   The card stock is thin enough to do a bridge shuffle easily, but I would not recommend doing that often.  After 8 straight bridge shuffles, some of the edges are turned back a teeny tiny bit.  Not torn or anything bad, but a bit of a warning not to shuffle in that manner a lot.
The cards are borderless.

The cards are really intuitive, and the LWB and the free illustrated guide made it easy and fun to do my first reading with them.
I didn't ask a question, just was thinking about the readings I do for people.

Ace Gourds, - being open to others; - experiencing thorough understanding; - establishing a relationship; - being led by heart. Upright meanings: Spirituality, feelings. Expressing deep feelings, empathising with people.

Ace Swords  =  represents situations where it is necessary to apply mental force and intellect to solve a problem. Logical thinking and reasoning help to find the truth and overcome obstacles. The notable features of this card include: - having a clearer focus; - showing a sharper mind; - applying intellect; - relying on logical approach. Upright meanings: Intellect, clarity. Thinking a path through, seeing things clearly.

Those are the two cards I pulled, and I promise I DID shuffle!   These two cards also represent the reviews that I do.   I started doing them because I wanted to help people get their decks and books seen.

This is a very nice deck, it feels good in the hand, the stock is nice and smooth, the pictures are clear, the symbols are easy to understand, and the information she gives makes it easy to use them for divination and for self growth.

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