Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Merlin Tarot Review R J Stewart

I was super lucky to find the Merlin Tarot in a little boxed set!!!    It came with a journal, and a BIG white book with the cards.

This is NO ordinary tarot deck.   It looks like it could take a lifetime to absorb all the nuances.

The cards-
The card stock is silky smooth.  It is not really thick, so it is easy to shuffle them.  They are 4 and 3/4 inch tall and 3 and 1/8th inch wide, so a tad wider than most decks.  
Here is a picture of the back of the cards, and the Creation view card, and the 3 worlds card.

The Merlin Tarot is based on These 3 worlds and 3 wheels.  The three worlds are those through which we take our transformative journeys - Moon, Sun, Star.  Then we have the three wheels which act as thresholds of energy and consciousness-  Fortune, Justice, Judgement.

The book shows the way that is best to use the deck, as it is "designed to give you insights long before you use the cards for divination, and will empower any divinatory work that you undertake... the great arts of tarot being meditation and visualization, particularly with the powerful Trumps."

You are told to lay out the Trumps in the order shown in the two reference cards above. This will reveal the living pattern, the energies from Earth to the stars, the same energies that resonate inside us, and their ancestral pattern.  The Merlin Tarot is based upon Sacred Space.

There is a book available to help work through this deck to make the most of it.  
'The Merlin Tarot Images, Insight and wisdom from the age of Merlin' by R J Stewart
ISBN -10   1855380927

After becoming familiar with the  Trump patterns, you are led to work through the number cards.  There are four suits, one for each Element - air, fire, water, earth.  

Of course the Merlin Tarot can be used in the same way as any other tarot deck, and there five new layouts just for the Merlin Tarot. 

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