Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fin De Siegle Kipper by Ciro Marchetti REVIEW

The cards come in a box that has a magnetic strip down the side.  When you open the box, the first thing you see is the book, then the cards under them.

Ciro has added 3 cards to the deck:
37 -  Poverty
38 - Toil and Labour
39 - Community

There are some other changes-
36 turns from Hope, Big Water into Distant Horizons
4 turns from Gathering to Courtship

These changes stemmed from Ciro's desire to make the cards more relevant to today's querents and readers.  To quote him "I felt the images needed to offer a wider and more realistic perspective, incorporating the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of human social interaction. I set out to provide a set of images that would collectively represent more realistic scenes of the characters depicted and how they actually lived."

The cards are absolutely beautiful.  They have gold on the edges, so you have to take some time to separate them when you first get them.  I love that the man and woman cards are very distinctive in the direction they are facing.   In Kipper directions are very important.  These cards feel very warm and inviting because of the colors used in the pictures.  I know a lot of you like to trim your cards, I do not see how that could be easily done here.  They are sturdy and easy to shuffle.  They are a good fit in the hand also.  They are 2.5 by 4 inches.  They are about two times larger than the standard Kipper deck. 

There is an app you can get to receive an animated and narrated video to help you become acquainted with the Kipper system, on Ciro's site -  

Ciro Marchetti

The Book is 83 pages, and fits inside the box the cards come in.
There are two spreads offered within the book, the first is the "Triple Pyramid Spread" which addresses Obstacles, Best Possible Course of Action and Outcome for a particular situation.
The other is "Susanne's SOS Spread".  It was created for emergency situations, where you need a fast answer,  

In the Introduction, we are treated to Ciro's musings regarding the reason, rhyme and purpose of the creation of this deck. Please do not pass by without reading all of the opening pages.  There is a lot of information about Kipper itself and he also explains his reasons for the choices he made within the deck.   This guy is very amusing and entertaining.  Did you know that at first, he was not going to make this deck?  Thank goodness he changed his mind about it, as it is truly an enjoyable deck. 

The book contains card descriptions and meanings from three different sources, all  experienced readers of the Kipper cards:
Susanne Zitzi
and of course Ciro Marchetti shares his interpretations.

You can purchase the deck, a bag, a cloth on Ciro's web site.
There is also a .pdf of the LWB available.

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