Monday, December 19, 2016

Kipper with Key Words Deck by Lynn Boyle

WOW!  I was super surprised when I opened the package. The deck comes with the cutest just right size bag to keep your new cards in.   The cards are 2.5 by 3.5.   They are MAGIC to shuffle,  I am not joking.  You can bridge shuffle them easily. They do have a very tiny border.

This particular deck came with extra cards.

Lynn Boyle is the creator of these cards ( and many others you can see and order here)-
Aquarius Fortunes on Etsy

I asked Lynn why she had these extra cards and here is her reply:

" In my Kipper deck, I have provided 2 Man cards, 2 Woman cards, for readings about 2 specific males or females as well as 3 Partnership cards, Male Female, Male Male & Female Female, to cover lots of different types of partnerships, (either personal or business). Kipper has a lot of "people cards" so there are plenty of options for allocating "the other person" in a reading to one card or another. .. so its not usual to provide extra free Man, Woman or Partnership cards in Kipper but if the reader doesn't want to use them, they can just select the cards they want & leave the rest aside"

Lynn also emails a purchaser a document with the card meanings.

I started out using just this Beginner Deck, then I stared a Kipper Course and I got another deck, BUT here is a really good use for these Beginner Cards to help you learn any other deck.

You see here the new deck I did the draw with on the bottom.  Then I went through the Beginner Deck and found those cards and laid them above.   It really does help with remember all the varients a card can mean. Another thing you can do is go through the Beginner Deck and highlight the main meaning you want for each card, or highlight an unusual meaning for each card.   For example the Get Together #4 card.  It's pretty easy to remember a party or meeting with that card, as the title is 'Get Together'   but it is not so easy as a beginner to remember that it can also mean Negotiating.
So by highlighting the word Negotiating on the card, when you lay it out your subconscious will notice and remember that.

I really like this deck.   I have my eyes on a few other decks she has available also- Steampunk Kipper, Days of Old Kipper and Roaring 20's Kipper.  Those are just the Kippers. She also has Lenormand,  rune cards, and oracle cards.

  I recommend this deck highly.  I need to make a star system or something......

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