Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Review of The Avalonian Oracle by Jhenah Telyndru

Very, very nice sturdy box holds the cards and the 128 page booklet that comes with.   The cards are smooth and slick, and thin,  I found them pretty easy to shuffle, considering they are a bit large. I do not think they would stand up to being used continuously over time. They are 5 inches tall and 3.5 inches wide.

The book contents:
Intro - The structure of the deck
      The Sight and synchronicity
Chapter One -
The Five Seeds of Wisdom
Chapter Two-
The Avalonian Cycle of Healing
Chapter Three-
The Goddesses of Avalon
Chapter Four-
The thirteen moons of Avalon
Chapter Five-
The Nine Morgans
Chapter Six-
The Three Realms
Chapter Seven-
The Cyclic Journey
Chapter Eight-
Divination and Transformation


Three of the cards randomly selected so you can see their beauty-
On the left is Rhiannon, the middle is Arianrhod, and the right card is Healer.

There are eight different spreads in Chapter Eight - Divination and Transformation.
I chose to do the Three Cauldrons Spread.  This is a three card spread, with the
cauldron of wisdom, cauldron of vocation and cauldron of warming.
The descriptions below are shortened versions of what is in the book.

Card 1 - The Cauldron of Warming - matters of health, abundance - our life force energy
I pulled Moon 7, moon of revelation - We can not sacrifice the whole of who we are for the sake of others. Once we discover the seed of what we must become, we must find a way to nurture it and allow it to grow.  Listen to the voice within you.

Card 2 - The Cauldron of Vocation - All our potential gifts, life's work.
I pulled Artisan -  It is our greatest service in the world to shine our light, to be who we are, so as the illuminate the paths of others.Trust in your abilities, use your tooks, and know that each step you take obn the path of rigt action brings you closer to the full manifestation of your Sovereign Self.

Card 3 - The Cauldron of Wisdom - This card brings insight into the essence of the actualized Self, our highest potential realized.
I pulled Realm of Land - Pay attention to the present moment and all that has been made manifest in your life.

I am very impressed with the cards.   They spoke directly to what is going on right now in my life. The information in the book is very good.

In the Introduction, the 46 cards are divided into 7 categories, this is GREAT because it saves a lot of time searching for the particular card you drew.   There is no index in the back of the book.
Each card has a description, key words, divinatory meaning and an affirmation.  They all have further information based on what category they are in.

They are a little spooky LOL.  Considering I pulled the Artisan in the Cauldron of Vocation.  I do weaving and crochet and crazy quilting, I also make my living as a psychic/tarot reader online.

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