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Review of The Celtic Oracle John Matthews

The Celtic Oracle
John Matthews

The Celtic Oracle comes in a very sturdy thick box.   When opened, the first thing you see is the 224 page book, then the 40 cards.   The cards are not thick, but they are firm enough to handle a good shuffle.  They are a bit large for me, they measure - almost 5 and 1/2 inch tall and 3 and 1/4 inch wide.

The book Contents:
The Card Pack
Chapter One        Between the Worlds (the celtic shaman's craft)
Chapter Two       The Shaman's Pack (carrying the world on your back)
Chapter Three     Reading the Cards (telling yourself stories)
Chapter Four       Roots and Branches (ways into dreaming)

Further Reading
About the Author

This is one of the better books I have seen that came with a deck.  It has beautiful full color pictures of all the cards, also of some spreads that are included in the back of the book.
The cards are divided into 6 subsets.
The Card of Vision (the world tree)
The Movers
The Empowerers
The Worlds
The Elements
The Totem Beasts
The Shapers

The Celtic Oracle is not a exactly a divination tool, but it can be used as such. It is very shamanic in nature, helping you to access the Otherworld through the cards and their guidance as to the paths to take.
The Movers represents you as the Shaman, The Empowerers represent beings who will support you in your journey, The Worlds are the 3 levels you will move in, The Elements represent the elements and also the kingdoms of Earth, The Totem Beasts are your helpers in animal shape, The Shapers represent the Celtic Deities.

There is a very good explanation of the Shaman's world and how to make a journey, all from a Celtic point of view, and all very easy to understand and incorporate which makes for a great time with this Oracle System.

There are some spreads in the back of the book:
The Triad Spread - for an answer to a specif problem   3 cards
The Shaman's Path Spread -  helps you see 'where you are'  7 cards
The Element Spread - to help deepen your awareness of the Elements  13 cards
The Inspirer Spread - To help you have a more creative and connected life  13 cards
Fionn's Window Spread - A powerful spread that can give an overview of a specific problem or of a whole-life pattern.

There is information on how to use the pack to train yourself for shamanic journeys, and for inner developement.   For these purposes you are given a 7 day program, a 7 week program, and a 12 month cycle.
There is also a very advanced spread named The Cosmic Spiral Spread.  It is designed for those who have been working shamanically for some time.

There are guidelines for using the Pack in a Healing Ceremony, and working in groups.
There are pages of Power Songs and Chants you can use!!!!!
A chapter on Meditation is followed by 'Divining with the Cards'.

Above is a snapshot of the first spread I did with these cards. I have done shamanic journeying for 30 some years now.   The cards you see above are:
30 Horse,  15 Second Circle,  37 Lord of the Sea.
I was thrilled to see these particular cards as My totem is a particular horse!
I took the journey suggested, and found it very helpful, as sometimes I go into a journey and I get so caught up that I go off on a rabbit trail.  Having these cards in front of me, and reading the definitions of them, it 'pre-programmed' my mind, and I didn't get distracted.  I used a half hour drumming track and it worked out great.

I also did the divining spread, and the past cards fit exactly what I had done the day before because of the Triad Spread (above).

I have tried out a few different 'Shamanic' tools out there, but I honestly have to say this is the easiest to understand and it also resonates with me.
Highly recommended!

John Matthew's site Hallowquest

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