Monday, December 19, 2016

Vibrant Lenormand deck by Lynn Boyle Review

The deck comes with a nice pouch to keep it in.  Lynn Boyle is the creator of the deck, and she will also email a Card Meanings .doc to you.   The cards are very easy to shuffle, even if you bridge shuffle!  They are a really good size, 2.5 by 3/5 and they do have a small frame/border.  If you like to trim, you can, but they don't really need it, the border is very unobtrusive.  They are a bit shiny, but not slippery.  The colors are very nice, and well...  vibrant!!

Lynn told me she has 3 different backgrounds available for this deck,  stone colored, pale blue and a black.  When ordering you can pick the color background you want.

This deck has multiples so you can chose the ones you like to work with, and Lynn says :
" I have provided free extra cards so the reader can customise the deck to suit them, the man & woman they like etc. Its common these days to make at least 2 men & 2 women so readings about these to people can be done more clearly, rather than using the Rider for the other man & the Snake as the other woman, its been found that if you use these cards as people cards for a specific reading, it removes the Rider & Snake & their meanings from other parts of the deck. I found when I was desiging this deck, so many lovely vibrant images, I couldn't choose which to leave out, so I added them as free cards. Use only one of each in a Grand Tableau or general reading unless you are specifically asking about 2 men or 2 women, then add the extra card"

I went through the deck as I always do the minute I get one LOL, and these turned out to be my favorite ones out of the deck, so I thought I would share with you.  It gives you an idea of how this deck 'feels' ---  it is very light hearted, and has a positive energy.  Also, that Man card looks kinda like either a young Gene Kelly or maybe Jean Claude Van Damme.... what say you?

You can purchase this deck here:

Aquarius Fortunes Etsy Shop Lynn Boyle

Lynn also has Kipper and Oracle decks for sale.  

I highly recommend these cards, they feel good in your hands, and they have a nice energy around them.

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