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Silver Witchcraft Tarot Kit by Barbara Moore review

Barbara Moore
Lo Scarabeo 2014

The box that holds the book and cards is beautiful. It is one of those with the magnetized metal down one side to keep it shut. When you open it, you see images from the cards in gray-scale, and the book. The cards are nestled in their own little space under the book, with a ribbon running under them to help you pull them up and out.

The cards are so cool! (If you don't know, cool means awesome x 100) They are large, a bit hard for me to hold, 4.5 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. They have a shiny silver on the edges.
 The backs are a beautiful blue with dark clouds and the triple moon.
 The cards have no borders (yeah!!!) and it is really easy to use them to meditate. Each scene pulls you into it's story. 
 I really like the people portrayed on the cards – they are different nationalities and they look REAL. The colors are vibrant and glowing.

The first thing I noticed were all the animals! Then I saw the undines, gnomes, salamanders and sylphs. Then I saw that the Fool card doesn't have a little dog!
The Knight of Pentacles rides a stag!! Swords have birds, the Hermit has 2 snakes.

There are dogs, cats (lots of cats), rabbits and squirrels.
They shuffle really well if I split the deck in half and shuffle each half independently.
The cards themselves are very easy to shuffle, they are nice and sturdy.


The contents:
Chapter One – Tarot Basics
Chapter Two – How to do a Reading
Chapter Three – Other uses for Tarot
Chapter Four – The Major Arcana
Chapter Five – The Minor Arcana
Chapter Six – The Court Cards
Chapter Seven – Spreads

The Silver Witchcraft Tarot creates a bridge between the world of traditional Rider-Waite-Smith tarot images and meanings and the world of magickal spiritual understanding. “ This tarot is made for not just divinatory purposes but also with a bent toward meditation and study.

BASICS - Chapter One
Structure, Intuition and Reversals are covered in this chapter.
Structure helps us to create a story and tie all the pieces together in a way that makes sense.” By the deck being divided into 4 'suits' and putting the suit with the number of the card, that gives an insight, then adding the symbols on the cards gives more information. This information put together in a structure way gives a narrative that makes the message understandable.

I really like the way the Major and Minor Arcana are explained here:

The Major Arcana represent large themes in our lives milestones, turning points, lessons or events that are outside of our immediate control.”
The Minor Arcana represent everyday situations and things that we can more easily control or influence.”

While this deck is based on the Rider-Waite-Smith, it does use different symbols.
Cups are now Silver Moons
Pentacles are now Silver Threads
Swords are now Silver Wings
Wands are now Silver Flames

In this deck, the numbers take on more meaning, they show the cycle of the year with the pagan holidays and are meant to be used for timing. Page 12 lists all the numbers with the information needed, one example:
3 is Imbolc, the world awakens (creativity or teamwork)”

It is suggested that with each card you look at the card and let it tell YOU a story before you look up the meaning in the book. Then take your meaning and see how it fits with the book.
I pulled one card, asking what this Silver Witchcraft Tarot Deck had as a message for anyone reading this review.
I got the Page of Chalices.

When you look at this picture, what does it feel like it is saying to you? I felt a welcoming energy, and some fun coming.
The book says she is a dreamer, sensitive and curious about relationships, open to metaphysical ideas.

Whether or not to use reversals is always a personal choice. The author says if you don't use reversals pay special attention to any cards that come up reversed in a reading if you wish to. You can always just turn it right side up. Either way, reversals are listed for all the Minor Arcana.


Well, I have to say this is about the best information I have ever seen in a LWB regarding divination itself! “The further out you look, the less reliable the forecast”.
I need to have that tattooed on my forehead LOL.
Here you will find guidance in checking the numbers, looking for any pattern, and dealing with individual cards, and some tips for a clear reading.


Magickal work, Journaling, Meditation


Every card of the Major Arcana gets 2 pages, one page is a full cover of the card, the other page is the description. The description holds:
The Sphere of Existence, The Area of Being, the Astrological Association, the Elemental Association, a description, an interpretation, a reflection and keywords for both the upright and reversed meanings. It would have been nice if each of these areas were clearly marked. The Astrological and The Element are, but the Sphere of Existence and the Area of Being are not. So I did a lot of turning back to page 28 until I made a bookmark that had the info on it.

This deck starts with the Magician, number 1. It ends with 0 the Fool.
8 is Strength, 11 is Justice, 15 is the Devil – a mirror with a dead tree inside, and 20 is Judgement.

One Card Spread
The Horseshoe Spread
New Moon Spread
Alternate New Moon Spread
Sabbat Spread
Wheel of the Year Spread
Spellwork Divination Spread
Spell Preparation Spread

Ms Moore is the author of:
Tarot made easy
Your Tarot Your Way
SteamPunk Tarot
Tarot for Beginners

You can see the work she has done and download some ebooks on her site.

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  • Publisher: Llewellyn Publications; Lo Scarabeo Tarots ed. edition (May 8, 2014)
  • ISBN-10: 0738741205
  • ISBN-13: 978-0738741208

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