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Spiritual Alchemy by Steve Seven Review

Spiritual Alchemy
Steve Seven
First Edition First Impression

The book is not really divided up into chapters, and there are no page numbers. I have created an outline of the book here, with small examples of what lies within.
This booklet is 28 pages, and is Printed in Germany by Spiritual Instinct Press

It has a distinct 'Old World' feel to it that I just love!

Introduction - Explanation of the purpose of the book and the foundational theme is set.
Concepts and symbols of Western Mysteries
Occult (hidden) significance of numbers
The Seven stages of Alchemical process
Alchemical Toad Stone Formula and magickal ritual

The theme of the booklet is to de-mystify and simplify some of the classical principles of spiritual alchemy. The steps (how to recognize and work with them) to personal transition, to enable modern day seekers to partake of the alchemical system to achieve self-realization, salvation, wholeness or enlightenment.

“The metallurgical magick turns on the understanding that an animating life energy penetrates all of the creation and by certain chemical procedures and the will of the alchemist, the natural properties will be physically changed because they are not dead and static, but living and permeable”
There is a description and illustration of the Star of David and the Pentegram.

Occult (hidden) significance of numbers:
The author gives a brief but succinct summation of the spiritual meanings of the numbers 1-7 followed by in depth descriptions of these numbers as they work within the 7 stages of the Alchemical Process.

The Seven stages of Alchemical process
We learn of Nigredo: blackening. Where the alchemical fire is loosed upon the person who is seeking transformation.
Then comes the second stage: Calcinatio- when the seeker looks at themselves with brutal and objective honesty. The result is an 'unpacking' of the soul, much like peeling the layers off an onion, removing the masks we have created to protect and hide ourselves. Where we begin to realize who we really are.

Within the pages of this book, these things are touched upon and explored-
why we keep drawing the same type of people and situations to themselves, and the seeker is helped to uncover the root of their own personal pain. This is the “essence of the Dragon”.
The reason so many of us are attacked by people “of the world” - the stage of our own individual, personal '”holy war” which affects the World Spirit.
Addressing the Shadow – the 'Dark Night of the Soul”. Facing and overcoming our 'inner demon'. Purging and ridding oneself of the primal root pain discovered earlier.
After all this hard work of ridding ourselves of our inner demons, one by one, we are shown what to do after being freed- what to fill those empty spaces up with, and we discover the transpersonal nature of the Higher Self.
Alchemical Toad Stone Formula and magickal ritual:
We start out with a reference to how we can project our own faults onto our neighbor, we find out what exactly the shadow within us IS. There is an explanation of the toad as a symbol in alchemy.
There is a really nice illustration from Theatrum Chemicum Britannicum Elias Ashmole. (London, 1652) along with an explanation.

The spell included is easy enough and 'do-able' for anyone.

I really enjoyed reading this. It took a while to get the review done, because I found myself going 'down the rabbit hole' over and over. (That is a huge compliment).

Steve Seven is the author-
You can go here to see the Alchemy Series he is releasing this year-  the first two are available now-

A FB page for those who  are interested in learning about the arcane art of spiritual alchemy

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  1. Thank you for the kind review Libby. I am very pleased that you enjoyed the book. Your reaction and experience of reading it is just what I meant for people to have. Namasté sister. Steve