Monday, February 20, 2017

Botanical Inspirations by Lynn Araujo review

Botanical Inspirations
Lynn Araujo
Published by U S Games

When you get the package in the mail, this is the pretty little box the cards come in.

This is a picture of the goodies within!  The box opens long ways- see the little blue tab at the bottom of the first picture? Well, you lift up on that and you see the book, the foldout 'cheat' list, the pretty blue nylon bag, then the cards themselves.  The cards are sturdy, a good size, and easy to shuffle.

Here is a picture of the little 'cheat sheet' in the box.
It is a little guide to the secret  meaning of flowers.

Back in the day- Victorian days- Knowing what flower meant what was very important. Men would court a woman by sending her flowers, and the girls knew exactly what the bouquet meant!
Nothing worse than getting a tulip from a guy you were head over heels in love with!

I love yellow roses, so I headed right to the card- Each card tells the common name of the flower, the latin name of the flower and a vintage looking picture.  At the bottom is the meaning or symbolism of the flower.
Yellow Rose- Enthusiasm and Friendship.  "A single rose can be my garden,..  a single friend can be my world"  Leo Buscaglia
The book tells some of the history of the yellow rose.  I didn't know they were discovered in the Middle East!  Each flower has an inspirational message, the one for the yellow rose:
The garden of friendship is like any garden, the more you tend to it, the healthier it is and the more beautiful it becomes.....

In the back of the book is a 3 card Fleur De Lis Reading, with a 'how to' for the layout and a sample of a reading done for you.  

For fun, I did the above reading, asking if I will be well and able to perform my usual chores by the end of this week-

1. situation as it is-  Amaryllis - determination and creative achievement
2. course of action to take - Sacred Lotus - Enlightenment - honor all you have been through, let go of the things that no longer serve
3. improved outcome- Lily- Majesty and virtue - let your actions come from virtue.

For me, this means to use creative visualization to 'see' what I want, let go of all negativity, know that I can create my life when I come from a balanced place.

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  1. Thanks so much for this sweet review. I am so glad you are enjoying this deck.