Thursday, February 2, 2017

DreamCatching by Kaya Walker review

Dream Catching by Kaya Walker
2016 Lo Scarabeo

Here is a picture of the dream catcher that comes with the book. My beautiful grand daughter is showing it off for you.

The book arrived in a sleeve with the dream catcher.

The contents:
Part One : Introduction to Dreamcatchers
Part Two: Purpose and Design
Part Three: Dreams
Part Four: Environment

The purpose of the book is summarized. I can not find any information on the authoress Kaya Walker, except that she collaberated on a Native American Oracle deck with by Laura Tuan  and Massimo Rotundo 

Part One:
The popularity and purpose of dream catchers is discussed. The dram catcher is explained as catching bad dreams in its threads while letting good dreams create a connection to spirit through the threads in the dream catcher. She also gives pros and cons of appropriating various cultural beliefs into your own personal system. A bit political for my taste.

Part Two:
Here she explains how the dream catchers work, and why they are made the way they are. This holds some interesting and helpful information. One example: if you are wanting a dream catcher that will bar really bad nightmares, you should use rough threads to make it. She speaks about the colors of the feathers, strings and beads used and how they effect the dream work.

Part Three:
A little bit about dreams, some information on how to use the dream catcher.

Part Four:
Here is how to clear up the environment in a room, a bit of Feng shui, and the idea that cleaning and organizing a room is magic. Then we are told that a clean environment is a healthy environment.
There is also an explanation of how to use two different types of dream catchers to do energy healing.

The entire booklet is just that – a booklet. It actually has enough imnportant information to fill about 15 pages. If you are a complete novice at magic, if you don't know anything at all about energy flow, then there are quite a few tidbits you will enjoy.

I do recommend this book for the dream catcher itself which is well made. I smudged it, and hung it over my bed last night. I didn't have nightmares or unsettling dreams. I did have a very beautiful dream that I was standing looking out at the night, everything was a beautiful midnight blue color, and there was rain falling like a curtain, I saw it begin to fall. Everything was drawn with silver, the moonlight was bright and silvery. Very beautiful.

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