Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Psalm Cards by Rabbi Robert dos Santos Teixeira review

The Psalm Cards 
by Rabbi Robert dos Santos Teixeira
Schiffer Pubishing December 28, 2016
ISBN: 978-0764351914

The box the cards come in.
This box is really big! We are talking 9 inches by 6 inches!  It is a really pretty antique gold color.
I am a bit color blind, but I am sure that is the color it is!

The inside cover of the box tells about the author of the deck. For 8 years he worked as an intuitive in New Orleans.  He went on to become a psychotherapist and social worder - he specialized in the treatment of addictions.  He moved to New York because of Hurricane Katrina and became a rabbi.
He is the founder and spiritual director of Uri! Uri! Awaken! Awaken!

Here is a picture of the 'whole enchilada' after I opened the box.  See my little Gnome helper?

There is not a Contents page, nor is there an Index.

On page 5 you will find a note on how the psalms are numbered, and a note on the
Transliteration and Pronunciation of Hebrew.
On page 6 is the Preface
Page 7 'The World of Tarot'
Page 8 the World of Psalms
On Page 9 is the Collision of Two Worlds: Tarot and Psalms with examples of symbols merging.
Page 14 gives us How to Use the Psalm Cards and Messages from the Psalms
Page 16 holds information on the Seal of Solomon Spread and the Song of Ascents Spread.
page 17 has Endnotes, which holds 7 resources.

Page 18 begins the descriptions and meanings of the individual cards.
Page 168 has Appendix of Power Words

There are 150 hand painted cards, one for each Psalm in the Book of Psalms. There is a prayer of protection given and recommended before working with any cards.Some really good advice-- divide these cards into stacks, shuffle them then put them all back again and draw one. 

The Appendix of Power Words.  Whenever you resonate with a card you draw, the corresponding Power Word can become an affirmation or mantra to be chanted or sung to bring the transformative power into your life.

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