Monday, February 20, 2017

The Wonderland Tarot in a Tin review

The Wonderland Tarot in a Tin
 U.S. Games Systems Inc. (January 20, 2017)
Chris Abbey & Morgana Abbey
  • ISBN-13: 978-1572818798

The cards are a small size, almost 4 inches tall and almost 2 and half inches wide. They feel very nice- silky smooth.  I love the little tin, so happy they put the rabbit on the front of the tin!
The only thing I had a little trouble with was in getting the cards out, the rim of the box protrudes inwardly a tad, so I had to do some finangling.  After you unwrap them there is no more problem.

The two cards you see bottom left are a nice little surprise. One card explains about the deck, the other card is a mirror image of the first card!  The cards all have the regular playing card symbols in the opposing corners, just as a standard playing deck would have, so they can be used for regular games such as Rummy, Spades, etc.

There are different names for the suits-
Spades/Swords ----   Flamingos
Clubs/Wands -----   Peppermills
Hearts/Cups -----   Hats
Diamonds/Coins or Pentacles ----   Oysters

Pages are Jacks
Knights are Cavaliers

The only spread in the book is the Celtic Cross. The LWB is little in size, but it is 55 pages, and every card is given attention, with the upright and reversed meanings.

When you open the LWB, You are immediately given the suggestion to read (or re-read) Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass - and make sure you get the copy that is illustrated by Tenniel because this deck is based on those drawings.

An example: 
 The Fool (in the 3rd picture down) -  Unnumbered - The Mad Hatter stands on the edge of a cliff.  He wears a hat he made himself ad holds a slice of bread.  His shoes are untied, A hedgehog watches him.
Divinatory meaning:  Everything foolish, in all its forms.  Lack of careful thinking.  Disregard of consequences.  Mania or excess.
Reverse meaning:  No decision at al.  Faltering in a quest.  Not caring if a decision is reached.

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