Thursday, March 16, 2017

Merlin and the Discovery of Avalon in the New World by Graham Phillips review

Merlin and the Discovery of Avalon in the New World 
by Graham Phillips

This is a GREAT book!  Very interesting, informative, educational and exciting.  I felt as if I was Phileas Fogg setting out on a great adventure by the time I was finished reading the first page. This book held my attention all the way through, while there were a few places where the information was a little overwhelming, none of it was boring or not needed.    

The book definitely gives the information it hints at in the title. I love that. I hate to buy a book which leaves me feeling as if the title was never really addressed.  This book does leave you wanting more, but in a good way.

So-  here are the contents:
1.  Two Merlins
2.  A Boy with no Father
3.  The Notable Storm
4.  Ambrosius Emrys
5.  The Lady of the Lake
6.  Excaliber
7.  The Shakespeare Enigma
8.  The Alchemical Wedding
9.  Intrigue
10.  Where was Avalon?
11.  The Voyage of Maelduin
12. Meonia
13.  Island of the Dead
14.  The Fifth Element

Notes 213
Chronology of Events
Bibliography   227

The Bibliography is well worth reading just for itself. Wow!  After all my years of reading (I am 59 now, taught myself to read. Had read the Bible through before I went to Kindergarten) I find that in this type of book, the Bibliography and Notes are going to tell you what you are 'in for'.  This book was a surprise, and lived up to the promise of both.  The notes are clear, informative and easy to find/keep up with. I didn't miss the Index.

Now, on with the story!
I assume if you are interested in this book that you are a fan of Merlin, King Arthur or both.  I love all things Merlin!   I was constantly feeling my jaw drop (seriously) as I read this book.  I did not know there were two Merlins!
I did not know there was a REAL Merlin, and a REAL King Arthur. I did not know Merlin had a daughter!  These are just a few of the astonishing facts I found out while reading.

Graham takes you on a whirlwind ride as he tracks down the real Merlin, and where Merlin was buried- Rosicrucians, windmills, Native American Indians, Pilgrims, such are the characters on the stage Graham portrays- and I say stage because Shakespeare himself is part of this story!

The book starts with Graham explaining a bit about the King Arthur legend, then goes on to dig out the root of the name Merlin. Where Merlin came from, the real Merlin, the living breathing man Merlin.  He also gets down to the years Merlin lived, and leads you right to the time when Merlin left Britain in a boat, headed off the the West, to Avalon.

Graham explains that Avalon means Island of Apples.  He uses old writings to follow the trip made across the sea by others, and by doing so he deciphers their writings.  Demons throwing fireballs turns into lava exploding from a volcanic island. Graham unfolds the entire saga step by step in an easy to follow manner that makes sense.  Total sense.

I never knew that Excalibur was Merlin's sword first. 
Here is a picture of Graham holding a replica of Excalibur that Wilkinson Sword made.  There is a closeup of the handle, showing the two serpents which were emblems of Merlin.

For those only familiar with the Disney version of Merlin, or the Classics Illustrated or such 'new' tellings of the old tales, it comes as a surprise that Merlin was a warrior and king in his own right before he ever advised King Arthur. 

This book is full of little known facts of history, I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Can't say that enough.  

Above is a bust that just might be the image of the man we know as Merlin.
In the story, Merlin had no father, the mother said she had sex with a god.  Back in the day, Roman consuls were as the emperor, considered gods.  So Merlin's father was evidently a Roman consul.  

So now we get to the 'New World' section of the book.  The Rosicrucians claimed they had found Merlin's grave on an island off the coast of North America.  Graham actually followed the old written documents of voyages taken before, and ended up in Vermont. 

In the 'Voyage of Maelduin's boat', after sailing past various islands (which Graham deciphers which they are), they discover the islands of the Otherworld.  On one of these islands there is a hermit who tells the travelers that he too' had come there from Ireland many years before.  His companions are now dead and he lives alone, guarding a stone upon which is inscribed an ancient text.'

Back to the Rosicrucians and their claim to have found Merlin's tomb in 1604.  Graham finds that an Irish expedition had been to the Americas in 510, and an English ship had been sailing the coast in 1604!  AND the leader was a Rosicrucian!

There was a Rosicrucian document entitled 'The Confessio Fraternitatis' or 'Confession of the Fraternity' that was published in 1615.  It stated that in Merlin's Tomb was 'the secret Word of the Lord'.  So great was it that 'if all other knowledge were lost it would be possible to rebuild from it alone.'  

In the book, we find that there is a Star Child that comes from Merlin's bloodline that is a key figure in World History.  You'll have to read the book to find out!

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Is America the New Nineveh??

If you are a Christian, you are called to fight this world, come out of the religious spirit of Jezebel, and walk according to the commandments of Jesus. You gotta be hard headed, stubborn and a wrestler! You have to be ready to be despised, persecuted and called names- you have to be a forgiver, also.

You'll have to forgive a zillion times a day. Never forget your reward. Have faith that the Lord your God is not weak, that He is well able to fulfill His promises to you when you overcome. Have faith!

Isaiah 60:12
For the nation and kingdom that will not serve thee shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted.

FB does those memories things, the above is what I was writing 3 years ago. After what this country has just gone through, pretty timely writing.

I was thinking about one way to look at perish and wasted. The way we were going under the Democrats was perishing and wasting us because all the things this country was founded on were being ripped away one by one, perishing for lack of support.

Wasted because..well, look at the minds of the people that are being out in front of the cameras, yelling, fighting, and they can't even make a coherent sentence of WHY. All they can do is repeat the same phrases over and over. It is like 1984's doublespeak. Listen to the difference between hillary and obama's speeches and President Trumps. He speaks plain English, and says what he intends to do. They spoke gobbledy gook.

My thoughts led me to the conclusion that God says in the Bible He lifts men up and puts men down, that He designates the leaders of nations. Maybe, just maybe this means that our prayers have been heard and He has given us a stay of execution just as He did Nineveh.

We better make the best of it.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

From the Cauldron Born by Kristoffer Hughes review

From the Cauldron Born 
by Kristoffer Hughes  
Llewellyn Publications (December 8, 2012)

Part One: The Cauldron Born
Part Two: One Tale of Old, Thrice Retold
Part 3:  Unravelling the Mystery
Part 4:  Stirring the Cauldron: Ritual and Practise
A guide to Welsh Pronunciation

The Bibliography is really impressive.  Lots of interesting things to look into there!
The guide to Welsh Pronunciation was fun!!!   I am glad that was there, I enjoyed trying to make this Kentucky tongue twist around and make new sounds LOL.   

This book is really empowering. I found myself wondering about my ancestors, and also looking at my life and talents in a different way.  With a view to how I can incorporate the teachings into my every day life.  Also how I can use my spiritual giftings to help others (and myself) even more.
It seems more and more the world (and me!) need wisdom along with guidance daily.

The author tells us in the introduction that the purpose of this book is to share his own personal connection and experience of the most mysterious, profound, and transformative tale to arise from Celtic Wales.  
The subjects of the tale are Cerridwen, Gwion Bach, and Taliesin.

On page 223 begins a year-long ritual meditation.  Ha.  You won't be sitting in one place meditating for a year~!
Each month has a contemplation and study, a practical section, and a work to do with water.  

All through the book there are exercises to do that are meant to connect you to the story.  We learn that every thing in the story has a meaning or it would not be there.  There is no padding to make the story longer.
"Every facet of this tale contains within it keys to access the mysteries of the universe in its entirety."

"Sometimes there is great magic in what is given little attention."

This book is really in 3 sections, a general telling of the tale, the second section has 3 versions of the tale, and the third section has a details explanation of the characters.

Make sure you read the introduction, it holds within it how to use the book, and hold the information you need to set up a sacred space.

I don't want to give away too much of the book, but let me say it is a book that draws you into another world, one where you discover yourself and ancient energies.  It will make you think, and help you to grow.  I recommend keeping a journal as you do the workings.