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From the Cauldron Born by Kristoffer Hughes review

From the Cauldron Born 
by Kristoffer Hughes  
Llewellyn Publications (December 8, 2012)

Part One: The Cauldron Born
Part Two: One Tale of Old, Thrice Retold
Part 3:  Unravelling the Mystery
Part 4:  Stirring the Cauldron: Ritual and Practise
A guide to Welsh Pronunciation

The Bibliography is really impressive.  Lots of interesting things to look into there!
The guide to Welsh Pronunciation was fun!!!   I am glad that was there, I enjoyed trying to make this Kentucky tongue twist around and make new sounds LOL.   

This book is really empowering. I found myself wondering about my ancestors, and also looking at my life and talents in a different way.  With a view to how I can incorporate the teachings into my every day life.  Also how I can use my spiritual giftings to help others (and myself) even more.
It seems more and more the world (and me!) need wisdom along with guidance daily.

The author tells us in the introduction that the purpose of this book is to share his own personal connection and experience of the most mysterious, profound, and transformative tale to arise from Celtic Wales.  
The subjects of the tale are Cerridwen, Gwion Bach, and Taliesin.

On page 223 begins a year-long ritual meditation.  Ha.  You won't be sitting in one place meditating for a year~!
Each month has a contemplation and study, a practical section, and a work to do with water.  

All through the book there are exercises to do that are meant to connect you to the story.  We learn that every thing in the story has a meaning or it would not be there.  There is no padding to make the story longer.
"Every facet of this tale contains within it keys to access the mysteries of the universe in its entirety."

"Sometimes there is great magic in what is given little attention."

This book is really in 3 sections, a general telling of the tale, the second section has 3 versions of the tale, and the third section has a details explanation of the characters.

Make sure you read the introduction, it holds within it how to use the book, and hold the information you need to set up a sacred space.

I don't want to give away too much of the book, but let me say it is a book that draws you into another world, one where you discover yourself and ancient energies.  It will make you think, and help you to grow.  I recommend keeping a journal as you do the workings.

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