Monday, April 17, 2017

Review of Just Fly Away by Andrew McCarthy

published by Algonquin
Written by Andrew McCarthy (yes THAT one)
A Spring 2017 Kid's Indie Next List Pick

I am a fan of his acting - I think I first saw him in St. Elmo's Fire.   A search came up with these
titles he has written!!

Today I am focused on Just Fly Away. 

Here is what Andrew says in the note that came with the book:
"Can secrets ever be good?  Can family ever not be a mess? And ultimately, how can we transform harm into healing?  Fifteen year old Lucy grapples with these questions when she learns of the existence of a brother she never knew she had. Her search for answers and the journey it leads her on fill the pages of Just Fly Away. What do we do when everything we thought we knew about those closest to us is called into question???"

The book is 258 pages long.  I really enjoyed the writing. The story grabbed me and kept me interested. I started reading, and read clear through.  It goes at a nice clip, there were no boring parts - no lagging just to fill in this or that.  Everything in the story had a purpose, there was only one section I really feel didn't need to be in the story.  It didn't add anything, it felt like it was put in there because somebody thought teens would be more interested if there was a hint of sex.  For that reason, I would not let my grand daughter read it until she is at least 15. That, by the way, is the age of the girl in the book.

Other than that, like I said, the story flows easily.  The characters are VERY believable.  
I am pleasantly surprised to discover Andrew's writing, and I hope he gives us more to read.
He is very talented.

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