For dreams, hit the appropriate paypal button, you can either email me the dream
email Lila
or you can insert the dream in the paypal communication box.
I had an international dream ministry under my married name Libby Magnello for years,
the name was Prophetic Dream Ministry.

Tell me all you can remember, include colors if there are any.  If there are not make sure to let me know it was black and white.
If there are people in the dream, tell me who they are to you, and a brief description.  Ex:
Bill- cousin married to my best friend
John - have no idea.  He was tall with red hair
If you are in a house and you recognize it, tell me:
In my aunt's house   or In a house I lived in when I was 25
Tell me what you think the dream might mean.
Dreams are like onions, they have many layers to them. There is always more than one meaning to a dream.

I have been working with dreams for over 40 years.  I have helped people all over the world with understanding their dreams.
Also, even the smallest dream can hold many ideas and secrets within it.

I have at times taken a small piece of a dream, entered it, and revealed a part of the dream to the dreamer, with them having an aha moment and recalling the rest of the dream from what I told them.

Nightmares are the most revealing of all dreams, never be afraid to discover the interpretation.