How to get a Reading

How does this work?
Pick how much time you want by using the paypal buttons.
I respond to each email within an hour usually, and you can have your reading within a few hours most of the time.  I operate first come, first serve to be fair.  To make sure you get your reading the day you want it, purchase the block of time first, then contact me.    The paypal payment alerts are what I use to line up the appointments.

Five minutes free for every referral, just have your friend say "-----" sent me! After they book and pay for their appointment, you will receive your free minutes.

Please do not call me at my home number.  I will never give your number out or call you at any other time.

I have used paypal for over 10 years for this, and have many happy callers.
You do NOT have to have a paypal account, you can use your debit or credit card in total safety. A paypal account is a good thing, as it makes things move along faster.
If you don't want to use paypal, email me for my address - I do accept cash and postal
money orders.

There are no refunds at all for any reason.  If you make an appointment and then are not available, I will contact you for another meeting time.  If you miss that appointment, then you forfeit your payment and I won't accept any other appointments from you.

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