Some of these come from the site I work on -   you can find me there moonshadow

I invite you to go there and check out the feedback, so you know none of this is made up.  Also, if you are uncomfortable using paypal, remember you can call through Keen (it is way more expensive) or you can send a postal money order (email me for address to send to).

3/3/2017         Lila is fantastic! Genuine and very in tune with the situation. Extremely good at picking up on     individuals. 10 stars! 

3/1/2017         A wonderful advisor who is wise and true She is highly recommended by me and I felt I was in the Best of hands as well. A truly big hearted woman who is genuine and real in all she says.Talking to her is like being with a dear friend She is an awesome advisor and I trust her totallyand I highly to the utmost recommend her  

2/28/2017        You are so very nice and kind in your delivery. I appreciate you for the reading. I really felt you connected to me. And I hope you feel better real soon. Take care.  

2/23/2017           She was spot on and accurate. This reader is also very kind and compassionate. Thank you... 

Lila is an excellent psychic. A long time ago, when others told me close time frames for someone's return, Lila saw a long one. Lila was right. She is an ethical and gifted psychic. She won't tell you things that string you along and make you want to call back, asking why that prediction hasn't happened. Lila is one of the most kind and ethical psychics on Keen, and that shows in her reasonable rate, too. 


What a sweet, wonderful reading! Very in-tuned and lots of details. Thank you very much!

You are such a sweet, compassionate and wonderful person as well as a great reader. You picked up so right on the interview I gave. I do hope the change you see comes in quick. Thanks a lot for the great reading.

Great reader. Picked up absolutely right about the interviews I gave. Thank you so much. 

Excellent reader. Best thing is that her charges are v reasonable . She has some real good skills aswell . Im impressed with her reading and advise.

1st time call, very good and professional 

Always has been accurate, and very on target. Thank You.  

Readings with Lila are the best! She is truly gifted and sweet. She understood exactly what is going on and speaks her truth. I have nothing but good things to say about her and her readings. I hope her predictions come true, especially with timing, because there is free will but, in the past they have all come true! Love her! Thank you! 

 Many blessings for all of your guidance. I cannot express just how much faith i have in you, especially because of your accuracy track record with me personally. So thank you again.  

 I look forward to the doors opening for my love life at the beginning of next year. I know it will happen because you have predicted so much for me over the years. I will keep doing the research for the business and will check in with ya later. 

Thank you so much ! I wish i could have spoken longer, but i look forward to calling you back again soon. Many blessings for all of your guidance. I cannot express just how much faith i have in you, especially because of your accuracy track record with me personally. So thank you again.  

Thank you. I can't wait to call you when the prediction comes to pass. It was nice hearing your voice after all these years! 5 stars!!! 

Thank You! Always a pleasure speaking with you.  

AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING READING~ I apologize at the renew it cut me off, I will absolutely call again best readings I have had on Keen. She is lovely and spot on Thank you SO MUCH :)  

Fabulous as always ! Thank you for keeping me centered. You've never steered me wrong, and that's why i feel at peace knowing that what you've said will transform into reality. Thank you !!! 

Thank you. Such a sweet lady with a big heart. : ) 

Her readings are great, and something about her voice is so reassuring and soothing. I could listen to her voice all day long. :) 

Great consultation - spot on with everything she said - thank you! 

Very honest and accurate 

Lila is quick, accurate and to the point. She is quick to answer questions and provides many additional details. She is the best! 

You've always been great.  Thank you so very much for your reading. I realise change happens every second, but you've been spot on before, and i continue to trust your intuition, insight, and predictions. God bless.  

Lila is the best dream interpreter on the internet, not just Keen. When I have a significant dream I will think it means one thing, but then I call Lila and she explains the dream to me and I realize she is so very accurate. Very Gifted. 

I have been talking to Lila for years and she can read my guy perfectly..... I do not know what I would do without her. 

ou were so right about how I would feel about the new group that I am working with. I have been finding myself annoyed by the laziness, and lack of knowledge and concern regarding the work. You were also correct regarding them giving me more work -

Lila is so sweet and encouraging. She provides a lot of information with little questioning from you. Has been accurate in the past - looking forward to predictions. Always appreciate her honesty. :) 

Thank you Lila,  you are clear and thoughtful and answered my questions thoroughly. I will focus on all we talked about, I am looking forward to all the positive outcomes. 

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